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Search Engine Optimisation is used to cover a multitude of disiplines, including 'Keyword Analysis', 'Competitor Analysis', 'On-Site', 'Off-Site' and many more 'Buzz-Words' ... but can all be summed up in a simple way.

"All SEO efforts should get an improvement in website visitors, sales or revenues"

Stuart Cole, SEO Veteran

If you spend money on SEO and it does not provide measurable and quantifiable results, then change your supplier.

With all the analytical tools available today, there is no reason why any company should spend money month after month without adding value to their business. If you do - then get in touch as we would love to show you how SEO can really drive business value for you.

On-Site Website Optimisation

This is the 'dark art' of changing your web pages to provide Google and other search engines the right information, in the right way so you can be ranked above your competitors. There is no short cut to achieve this - knowledge, hard work, perseverance and reacting to your competitors will get the best results.

The changes that happen with 'On-Site' can be structural to the way your website shows itself to the search engines, it can be how and where the relevant terms are shown on the page, their frequency, how they link within the site and externally. There are over 36 factors a good SEO company takes into consideration for each page of your website - and no 2 pages are the same.

BUT - even with on-site SEO you should get results on a regular basis to show how you are competing to get those all important top spots in the search engines.

It is usual, with a good company working for you to get top 10 results for your competitive keywords within 6 months, with some keywords getting far quicker results.

Off-Site Website Optimisation

This is the daunting, and challenging task of getting other websites on the internet to link with you, to recommend you, to share your articles, to like your posts, to re-tweet you and to share you in all manner of ways.

'Off-Site' is really a separate skill to 'On-Site' and should be done once the 'On-Site' has been completed, or it at least a long way to being completed.

Google AdWords

This is the main and defacto standard for web-based advertising. It allows companies to link to their websites, products and documents based on the searches made by users.

With Search Advertising, Geographical, Demographic, Re-Marketing and many other forms of advertising being offered this can easily be a money-sink that shows little or no improvement for your website. Careful and knowledgeable management is key here to ensure you get the best return for your money