Selling through your website

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The fundamentals

Getting your potential customers to purchase from you rather than your competitors is the most important challenge to overcome and can be affected by many things. You need to make sure they find you in the first place, design your website so your clients find items they want. Also your values, charges and the reputation all play their part.

Working with you, we will help ensure the shop front you offer your customers captures them immediately. We wil ensure they can navigate it easily to get to the items they want - if your customer comes to your site and find what they want straight away they are likely to purchase from you - if not, they can be put off straight away and you will probably never get that sale.

Design matters

Following an initial meeting where we discuss the drivers for your website, what you want to achieve and the experience you want your visitors to have, our designers will create unique and engaging designs based on the customer journey you want. You will be part of the process throughout and only when you are delighted with the design of your new shop your designer passes it over to your dedicated website programmers who will then create a pixel perfect representation of the design you have told us you want.

Building with the future in mind

The technology used to build your sales channel needs to be widely available, and one that can be supported by different programming houses offering you the best security for your investment. By default, we will always use open source technology such as PHP and MySQL (or MariaDB) as these open standard are used in over 80% of the internet and are the most widely supported.

If you need a shop selling pre-made items we usually recommend either our own in-house built webshop engine called 'Serenity Commerce' or to use an open source platform such as Magento. The choice will be based on what you need to achieve, the level of reporting you want to achieve and how complex your products can be.

If you are a manufacturer and build very complex products, or the need to create bespoke pricing matrices then 'Serenity Commerce' is definitely the engine for you. Built from the ground up by our team we can make this work for any type of product in a stunning and seamless way.

Responsively m-Commerce

As over 50% of website pages are now accessed on mobile devices, it is becoming more important that your website works well with mobile, as well as traditional web browsers.

You can be assured the latest in terms of Web Programming Languages as well as frameworks are being used to ensure your website will not only work perfectly today, but will work well as the web continues to develop.

Supported 'Out of the Box'

Whenever you have a website designed and built by us, you will have full support for months afterwards just in case you need any assistance in making the website work perfectly for you.

If you require, after this initial period we can also offer an ongoing maintenance program to keep your website up to date, or you can have access to our own Content Management System, called Serenity which has been developed over the last 10 years to allow business people with little / no knowledge of websites, programming or technology to administer and control their own website. If you ever need Serenity to do something it doesn't 'Out of the Box' just ask us. As it is our system we can extend it to perfectly suit your business; rather than you trying to change your business to suit the limitations of your website!

Hosting Your Websites and Emails

Email and websites are two of the most important ways to communicate with your customers, and if either fail you can end up with irate customers, or worse still, lost sales!

With various ways to support your services, we can offer dedicated and individually backed up web hosting offering you 24/7 access to your websites, emails and other services.

If you require, we can offer the services of Office 365 where you can have a hosted exchange mailbox for a small monthly fee which can help save thousands on costly server licenses. This can also include access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications, which we all use to help keep our business running smoothly.

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